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If you would like your show to be considered for review by one of our review team, you can contact us in three ways:

  • Fill out our online review application form here.
  • In case of technical difficulties our backup email address is .
  • Contact Skye Crawford for further information on London, the Netherlands or Australia - - or Paul Levy for Edinburgh and Brighton - .

We do not guarantee to be able to review your show but will reply to you as soon as possible.

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Review Terms and Conditions

FringeReview seeks to celebrate the good in theatre.

We do not use star ratings, instead offering recommendations ranging from 'recommended' to 'outstanding'.

Reviews of shows falling below the 'recommended' threshold are not published. The performing company is contacted and the feedback is offered privately. FringeReview is a kind of "Good Food Guide" of theatre, so we only publish reviews of shows with a recommendation of 'recommended' or higher. For more information on how we evaluate performances, our full reviews policy can be found on our parent website.

FringeReview does not guarantee to review all shows who apply for a review.

FringeReview reviewers retain the copyrights of all reviews but permission is given for reviews to be quoted for publicity purposes as long as the source is identified as a FringeReview review.

Reviewer Code of Conduct

All of our reviewers are vetted before being invited to join the team. We ask for samples of writing, CVs, and a description of any other relevant reviewing experience.

Reviewers agree to review shows they attend.

If a show falls below our 'recommended' threshold, we do not publish the review, but the reviewer will always provide a review and/or offer private feedback to the performing company.

Reviewers also agree to follow the FringeReview policy for writing a review and they endeavour to get reviews up within 24-48 hours of seeing a show.

Reviewers are not paid for their work and we have no legal contract with them. The publication is based on professional commitment, values and trust built on mutual respect and personal discipline. The publication's ethos is based on not sending reviewers to shows - all choose their own review schedule. So we can't guarantee to review all shows, nor do we have the resources. If your show hasn't been reviewed by us, it isn't because of a set of criteria from the publication as a whole that has "excluded" your show from review. It simply means that the show hasn't been picked up by one of our reviewers. It is no reflection on your show's quality on the part of FringeReview.

The only valid reasons a reviewer might not attend a show they have agreed to cover would be:

> They didn't receive correct information from a venue.
> Press packs were not provided in time.
> A personal crisis or illness.

Also if a conflict of interest suddenly comes to light and we can't get a replacement reviewer in time, we may not be able to review the show as agreed.

Please note: All reviewer content is the opinion of the reviewer and does not necessarily represent the views of this publication.


If you believe FringeReview US has fallen below its own standards, or failed to live up to the FringeReview review policy, please write to us at:

If you feel a review or the reviewing process has fallen short in any way, please let us know. Please also leave contact details if you'd like us to get back to you. None of the FringeReview team work full time on the publication, so within those limits, we'll attempt to deal with your feedback and concerns.

For more general comments, feedback, and for review redress, join our forum which is online, free and spam-free!

Do feel free to critique the critics. We're open to comment and feedback. Please do not send official complaints via Twitter. We tend to banter on twitter and the views expressed by our tweeters do not necessarily represent the formal position of the publication. Write to us with any formal feedback or complaints.